Cutting edge technology embraces the organic and primitive IN THE BOX. Inspired by Schrödinger‘s cat (quantum mechanics), this experimental theater piece opens the book of our lives in a paradoxical nature. IN THE BOX portrays the process in search for the meaning of life and it challenges the audience to find their own “box.”

Total Direction / Produce : nissy (Hiroyuki Nishiyama)

Choreography / Dance Direction : Miki Orihara
(The Bessie Award Winner, Former Martha Graham Dance Company Principal)

Cast : Miki Orihara

Music : Senri Oe

Stage Manager : Ryo Onodera (U.K Bridge)
Visual / CG : Yasuhiro Chida (Komaden) / Genki Kojima (Libre)
Lighting Design : Masahiko Nagai (Tokyo Butai Showmei)
Lighting Operator: Satoshi Hatakenaka (Tokyo Butai Showmei)
Costume : Kumiko Shinoda
Photography : Yoji Kawada (mosa)
Production : Yosuke Baba (nissy plus) / Hiroshi Kono (Mar Creation, Inc.)
Sound : Hiroyuki Sanada

Produced by nissy plus inc. in conjunction with Mar Creation, Inc. 

Contact: intheboxnyc@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/intheboxnyc
Twitter: @InTheBoxNYC
Instagram: intheboxnyc
youtube: intheboxnyc

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